Tuesday, July 3, 2012

OK, I lied. I'll keep blogging, but I do need a break.

At the behest of couples of devoted readers, namely Zilla of the Resistance (thank you), I've rethunk my last post and rescind it.

Kindly disregard last transmission.

I am going to take a break for a little while, though. Shouldn't be longer than a week, so be sure to check back around then. As usual, you can poke around in the archives.

I guess I owe all 14 of you an explanation. The Supreme Court decision upholding the blatantly unConstitutional Affordable Care Act really caught me by surprise, as I'm sure it did you. I never expected that the nation's highest court would ever turn its back on the nation, the people and the document they all swore to uphold and defend.

But it did.

What we have is more confusion than ever, and at the worst possible time. President Obama could have been sent a very clear message that this law was against the law. But the stunning reversal of Chief Justice John Roberts over to the liberal/progressive side of the court was a blindside that few saw coming.

In a week of examining the decision, it appears that no one has been able to come to a conclusion about it except me: We Are Screwed.

The ACA has just started to be implemented, and it has already cost the nation untold billions in added, unnecessary costs. Many Americans have lost their private health insurance, and many more have seen their premiums skyrocket.

It's more important than ever that we mobilize ourselves and get out the conservative vote to continue what we started at the 2010 Midterm elections. We sent a very clear message to Congress to stop this Progressive/Communist lurch to the left that president Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid started in the 111th Congress. You can hear the wails from them as they bitch about the "obstructionist Republican Congress."

Good. That's why we sent them there, to stop Obamism in its tracks. Now that we've stopped it, we have more work to do to reverse it. And make no mistake about it, if our country is to survive, we absolutely must reverse every single thing they did. All of it. No excuses, no whining about it.

Just do it. Or be replaced with someone who will.

Again I'll remind you that each and every Democrat must be removed from office, regardless of where they were elected. Send money directly to the candidate of your choice, not the RNC.

Talk to your friends and neighbors and simply ask them if they want another four years of this shit. Ask them why they seem content to be lied to, to be ignored, and to have their wishes dismissed by the people they sent to act in their place in Washington. Ask them what kind of country they want their grandchildren to grow up in.

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Anonymous said...

You have more readers than you may think...well, @ least one (me). I lurk on a lot of sites, just never seem to jump in with a comment. Will await your return!