Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Night Concert - The Beatles Rooftop Concert

Since I haven't done a Friday Bits of Tid in a long while, I thought I'd do something different for Friday and post a full-length concert. NiceDeb does something similar on Sundays, usually of a classical and religious nature which is also very good. So, yeah, I'm a copycat.

Anyway, if you have good headphones or ear buds, plug 'em in and crank 'em up.

The sound quality is pretty good, considering this recording's age. I'm listening to it on a pair of Bose in-ear headphones. They're not buds per se, they're a bit bigger and sound fantastic on my laptop, which also has a pretty good sound card in it.

Heard on keyboards but rarely seen in this vid is the late, great Billy Preston.

Hope y'all like it. Have a good weekend.

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