Friday, August 3, 2012

Mark Oxner's Taxation Facts Label

Via DaTechGuy, here's Mark Oxners's plan to inform the public about taxes.

Oxner is proposing a tax label, similar to the nutritional label on food, showing how much you're paying in taxes for a specific product.

When I’m elected to Congress, I’ll work with my colleagues to draft and introduce the Truth in Taxation Act. The Truth in Taxation Act will task a non-partisan agency (such as the Government Accounting Office) to calculate the entire federal tax burden that makes up the price of individual products. The legislation will then require that information to be printed upon the labels of those products or on sales receipts. 
In exactly the same way that federal law now requires certain products to provide nutrition information, we should require those same products to be labeled with taxation information.

That way, taxpayers can see how much they pay in taxes every time they go to the store. It will make them mad. Every bill they receive – from utilities to carpet cleaning – will make then even madder.
 This is yet another reason to vote for Oxner.

I like a snarky politician.

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