Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Radical Islam Imams at the DNC

They used to say "Politics makes strange bedfellows." However, here is a pairing that should come as a surprise to exactly no one: Radical islamic imams and the Democrats.

It is troubling that the Democratic National Convention has decided to promote and lend its name and national political platform to the organizers of the “Jummah at the DNC”. The leaders of this event – Jibril Hough and Imam Siraj Wahhaj as advertised are no moderates. They are radicals. These individuals embrace Islamist supremacy and have demonstrated support for radical ideologies.

If that is who the DNC is consorting with then all Americans, Democrats should be concerned. There are many patriotic Muslims who are part of both parties, and when radical ideologues like this do a demonstration of “solidarity” in the name of our faith and choose an imam like Siraj Wahhaj who I saw with my own eyes in 1995 seditiously say it his duty and our duty as Muslims to replace the US Constitution with the Quran- then we need to speak up!

Now there's a word we never hear anymore: Sedition. It means rebellion against a legitimate government. At one time, if memory serves, it was illegal.

And the Democrats are embracing it. Which figures when you see all the actions of the Obama administration, particularly those where they choose which laws they follow and which ones they choose to ignore, like border security.

 And Voter ID.

And stockholder law.

It's almost like Democrats don't think our Consititution is relevant anymore.

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