Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Too Good to Check - Mitt Up by 14 Points in Florida

I don't get too deep into polls, as all fourteen of you may have noticed. For one, it's a bit too early in the political season. For two, I see too many contradictions in them.

Fr'instance, the Real Clear Politics Average shows Obama up by 1.7 points as of today. But when you see other poll questions such as who would be better at handling the economy, Romney wins. And when you count in the other factors that describe the overall American mood concerning the Obama administration and the economy, it's way down in approval across the board. There's a general pessimism shown in many other polls that isn't reflected in the RCP Average.

I'm starting to wonder if these polls are accurate at all. I've heard several anecdotal stories of folks who refuse to tell pollsters what they really think.

Even though this particular poll appears to be a blowout (and thusly, should be taken with a grain of salt), it shows a positive trend for Romney and Ryan in the key battleground state of Florida.

Although highly reliable Rasmussen has Romney up by only two in this week's Florida poll of likely voters, today's astonishing numbers may suggest a trend of some magnitude has already begun. Earlier polling had found that the numerous senior-citizens of the Sunshine State were -regardless of 'progressive' drivel to the contrary- far more terrified of Obamacare than anything the habitually-dishonest Obama campaign claims Ryan is going to do to them.

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