Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney Taps Ryan for VP UPDATED!

This blog interrupts your hangover recovery morning to announce Mitt Romney's pick as his Vice-Presidential running mate:

Paul Ryan.

I just finished watching the official announcement and Ryan's speech. Paul hit all the right buttons, speaking of things like equal opportunity (not equal outcomes), free enterprise, Natural Rights that come from God (not the government), and Founding Principles. I was heartened by his decidedly conservative message of leadership, personal responsibility and his and Mitt's commitment to the country, its people, and to the Truth.

He also struck one chord that really resonated with me, one that I hadn't heard yet in this campaign: the idea that we own the government. Our foundation is built upon the principle of the "consent of the governed," which is sadly missing from the Obama administration. You'd be hard pressed to find very many Americans who approve of the direction we're headed under Progressive rule.

Now that this is out of the way, we can proceed to persuade and convince our friends and neighbors to vote for Romney and Ryan.

Confidence is high...

As you were.

UPDATE: From fellow Moron DrewM, here's a roundup of some Ryan awesomeness, including a video of him saying to Obama, "Hiding spending doesn't reduce spending,"

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