Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Romney's Next Repeal: Dodd-Frank

I've stated before that everything Obama has done needs to be undone, beginning with the repeal of ObamaCare, which Mitt Romney has pledged to do on his first day in office.

Now comes the good news that Mitt will repeal the awful Dodd-Frank banking law.

I'm eggstatic, ex-static, happy to hear this. Mitt appears to be a truly reform-minded candidate who recognizes all to well the economic destruction that Obama's Marxist policies have inflicted on the nation and seeks to reverse them.

I'll say this again because it bears repeating: under our form of government, each new law that is enacted reduces our freedom. The avalanche of legislation that came from the Pelosi and Reid-led 111th Congress must be repealed, along with other laws and regulations that have outlived their usefulness.

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