Friday, August 10, 2012

The Side-Effects of ObamaCare - Higher Prices for All

I just got my first dose of ObamaCare today. I always read the information that comes with new medicine.

"Use of this product could result in dramatically depressed economic symptoms such as chronically high unemployment, and a vastly reduced standard of living. You may experience doubt about the program as the quality of your health care is reduced to that of other countries who have socialized healthcare programs, such as Britain, Canada, and Cuba. Thoughts of how things used to be before ObamaCare will become common, a condition that has caused depression in some patients. Consult your lawyer before discontinuing this program, as premature withdrawal may result in heavy fines or even imprisonment for an indeterminate time."

The Wall Street Journal reports today, “Employers in the retail and restaurant industries are more likely than other companies to drop their health plans or cut workers’ hours when new health-law requirements take effect in 2014, according to new data from the consulting firm Mercer. A Wall Street Journal article last week said retail and restaurant franchisees were bracing for higher costs as part of the law, and several said they planned to change workers’ health benefits. The chief executive of the Papa John’s International pizza chain, John Schnatter, said this week that the law’s requirements for employers would add 11 cents to 14 cents to the cost of a pizza.”

Politico adds, “Nearly two-thirds of employers expect to see a cost hike in their health plans when the Affordable Care Act goes into effect in 2014, and a quarter say they will have to make changes to their coverage to avoid penalties, according to the survey by the Mercer consulting firm. Retail and hospitality industries, which typically employ larger numbers of part-time workers, are bracing for the biggest increase in costs — 46 percent said they’re expecting costs to increase by a minimum of 3 percent. The health care industry is close behind, with 40 percent expecting that increase in costs.”
"If you experience any of these symptoms, call your Congressman immediately and demand that this law be repealed. Repeated calls may be required until the symptoms disappear. Once terminated, many patients have shown a renewed vim and vigor for the legislative process that could last for years."

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