Tuesday, August 14, 2012

George Soros' Latest Effort to Take Over the World

Your favorite anti-Christ and mine, George Soros, is planning to take over the world.


Color me surprised.
He has created a new organization called INET - Institute for New Economic Thinking and has invested $50M in it.

As usual, you're job is to watch out for this organization. You and I need to make sure that this sinister effort never gains any traction anywhere. Watch your representatives in every level of government and question them any time they cite this organization or its goals for any reason.

Oh sure, it sounds innocent enough...

Three months after a summit in New York state last July, Soros pledged $50 million to INET, which promises “to promote changes in economic theory and practice” by “providing the proper guidance” to “the next generation.”

Despite its name, its philosophy is nearly a century old. The group blames the economic crisis on free market capitalism and promotes a return to the theories of John Maynard Keynes.

The current global economic crisis was not caused by free market capitalism. It was caused by governmental interference in the market. If you need another example of the failure of Keynesian economics, just take a look at us. Obama's justification for wasting some $800B on the Stimulus Bill can be found in that theory.

In other words, this new Soros organization is yet another attempt to repackage the failed economic theory of socialism. It seems that Georgie Boy wants to take advantag of the undereducated and ignorant masses to try it again.

But that's not all Soros wants to do. His goal is the destruction of the Western way of life, which is the foundation of freedom in the modern world. He also wants you and me living in poverty. One of the attendees at his forum is one Andre Wilkens. Here is what he said following Obama's election.

 The challenge ahead is to manage a peaceful decline of the west while rescuing as many of the west’s liberal political and economic values as possible…We need new global governance which can both manage the ascent of China, India, Russia, Brazil as well as the relative decline of the United States and Europe. Europe and the US must concentrate on shaping this new global governance and enshrine its progressive values within it, while they still have some power to do so.
In case I haven't mentioned it lately, progressive values are not compatible with freedom. Anyone who claims to be a "Progressive," regardless of party affilliation, is an enemy of America.

And you.

We don't need any form of global governance, thank you. We here in America elect our representatives directly, and if they don't perform their duties to our satisfaction, we replace them in the next election. It's called "sovereignty" and we like it. Self-contained, local and regional representation is what it is. It's enshrined in our Constitution.

So, George, ol' buddy, ol' pal, you can take your plans to rule over me and shove 'em up your ass.

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