Monday, August 13, 2012

Capitalism, the Superior Societal System

This article should get your week off to a positive start. From the Conservative Daily News comes this full-throated defense of the free market entitled Capitalism, the Superior Societal System.

When someone performs labor, they have transferred a part of themselves into that which they have done. The task has become intertwined with their very soul. Same with someone who creates a product, that endeavour also is a part of them. This, I believe is the inherent reason that wherever and whenever socialism or communism is experimented with, it always fails. It is because the economic system of socialism punishes the producer and rewards the mooch. It steals the very soul of man. When a person lays their hand to the plow, they do it to better their socio-economic status, not for their health. They do it for their family. This is why the recent remarks made by President Obama about small business owner’s hit such a sour note. “If you have a business, you didn’t build that, someone else made that happen.” The election that we happen upon will be a decision solely won or lost on who we think will do a better job of pulling the American economy out of the ditch. Capitalism vs. socialism. The difference's, couldn’t be further apart. Our politicians are attempting to mix the two, and have. However, I suggest they are not compatible with one another. One steals from one party, and distributes the stolen money to those without the morality to know that they should refuse to take the money. One, lets the party who earned the money to keep the fruits of their labor, and spend it accordingly to their will. They do not mix as philosophies.
If I might expand this concept: Capitalism provides a necessary psychological outlet. Instead of channeling energy towards aggression (and, let's face it, history has many demonstrations of mankind's inhumanity to man), capitalism redirects this energy (through self-interest) into action, goods, and services that benefit others.

In other words, work is good for you. It's a healthy outlet that has a beneficial side-effect. If the Twentieth Century taught us anything, it's that if man is free, his natural curiosity and drive will result in positive consequences for others. The 1900's saw the largest aggregate improvement in the condition of people worldwide than at any other time in history. A quick perusal of technological advancements and inventions show an explosion of creativity previously unknown. The car, home appliances, computers, television and radio all became common household objects, saving us time and money which we could spend with friends and loved ones.

On could conclude (if one chose to look at it from a certain prospective) that technology brought the human race closer together.

Technology that was brought to market (and into your home) thanks to capitalism.

And freedom.

Today, capitalism is under assault from deviants who abhor freedom. This minority sees freedom in action and they reflexively strive to stop it by any means necessary. Jealous, they are confronted by their own inadequacy and seek to compensate for their personal failure by imposing their will (through lies and deceit) over the lives of others instead of themselves. Covetous, these people seek equal outcomes of misery for all in the name of "fairness," not equal opportunity for success. They point to any individual failure and condemn the entire system.

They ignore a basic truth: Life Isn't Fair. It never has been, and likely never will be. But once this truism is accepted (as intellectually mature people do), then the real work of being your own person can begin. Your inner drive can direct you without the soul-crushing pressure of laws and regulations that are typical of failed forms of governments that have followed socialist doctrine. You will impose fairness upon yourself.

In short, capitalism works, but only when combined with freedom.

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