Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Night Concert - Yessongs

Yeehaw! No, wait, I should save that for a country band.

Tonight's concert is another Golden Oldie from the heyday of progressive rock. I have this three-record set on vinyl, and have seen Yes several times live. On the Talk Tour, they brought in their discrete four-channel sound system along with an FM transmitter rig that enabled the audience to hear the mix from the monitor system. In my humble opinion, this is the second best lineup from the many stellar musicians who have played in this band since their debut in 1968. The best lineup had Bill Bruford on drums, with the Trevor Rabin lineup running a close third.

Jon Anderson - lead vocals
Chris Squire - bass guitar
Steve Howe - electric and acoustic guitars, steel guitar
Rick Wakeman - keyboards (lots of 'em)
Alan White - drums (who had replaced Bruford a few days before this tour began)

Also, sorry for the dearth of posts today, had a bunch of errands to run and a doctor's appointment. Just routine maintenance.

Anywho, get out the headphones or yur high-performance ear buds and crank 'em up.

If anybody wants to share their Yes show experiences, leave a comment or a link.


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