Friday, August 17, 2012

Your Weekend Reading Assignment - The Blessings of a Free Country

OK, buckaroos and buckarettes, here is you weekend reading assignment. It's from the great Kyle Becker once again, over at Conservative Daily News called The Blessings of a Free Country.

I'll warn you ahead of time: this is a long article that may require more than one adult beverage to complete. But it's well worth your time. I have every confidence that y'all are up to the task.

Here's a taste...

What the leftist will never realize is that what separates the United States from those it supposedly ‘colonizes,’ with merely an offer of trade no less, is America’s capitalist economic system, which allows free-thinking individuals to create, risk-taking entrepreneurs to invest, and carefully-spending consumers to buy. America put a productive gap between itself and many other states that preceded it by millennia by adopting free market capitalism while other states continued on in tyranny and oppression. Simply put, the U.S. thrived while despotisms lagged behind. The tyrannies of the world could not beat the United States in terms of economic clout while still maintaining strangleholds on their respective peoples – therefore the U.S. had to be subverted. The statists of the world adopted and codified an ideology that would rationalize their totalitarian control over the economies, governments, and societies of the world, and scapegoated “capitalism,” a term invented by Karl Marx as a monolithic descriptor of free market economies, as the source of all of mankind’s woe. Here was a boot-licking statist ideology that so-called “radicals” could [get] behind. Unbeknownst to most of these malcontents, subversion of the free market system leads directly to tyranny in economics and then in politics.

 Becker's article is a strong defense of capitalism and freedom.

Do read the whole thing. You won't regret it.

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