Thursday, August 9, 2012

Soptic was Offered a Buyout by Bain and His Wife Had Insurance

Well, what do you know?

More details are emerging about union stooge Joe Soptic's ad, run by Obama's PAC, that lamely attempts to place the blame on Mitt Romney and Bain Capital for his wife's cancer death.

How the hell do you make the connection between two unrelated events that happened six years apart? Answer: you don't, unless you think your audience is composed primarily of imbeciles.

Yet that is precisely what Bill Burton, Obama's former Deputy Press Secretary and head of Obama's super PAC Priorities USA, thinks.

I'm sorry, but I've lost whatever compassion I had for this guy's loss. The more I think about how Obama and his PAC try to manipulate people's emotions for political gain, the angrier I get.

There is no excuse for this type of behavior. It is beneath the dignity of the Office of the President and the country.

We're finding out that Renae Soptic indeed had health insurance after her husband was terminated, and that he was offered a buyout by Bain, which he refused.

We have reached a new low in American politics where the left tries to accuse its opponent of murder by business.

Is this the kind of government you want in charge of your country? One composed of people who would produce this type of political ad, one which just happens to be one of the most blatant lies imaginable?

Not me.

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