Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mitt - Well, DUH! Culture Does Matter

It's amazing to me how our leftist media has attempted to portray Mitt Romney's trip to England, Poland and Israel as "filled with gaffes." Not only did Mitt speak the truth, he was roundly criticized for it.

Ace, through his new production company, Serf's Up Records, has conveniently set this to music.

He said that the London Olympics had problems. Guess what? They do.

Then he said that Palestinian culture was largely to blame for their poverty. Guess what? It is.

This simple fact of middle Eastern life is a good example of the Principle of Cause and Effect. Passion, especially negative passion, is never productive, nor conducive to anything good.

In a remarkable departure from the campaign of John McCain, whose refusal to state simple truths about Barack Obama got us into the mess we're currently in, Mitt Romney defends his remarks in this short post over at The Corner at NRO, Culture Does Matter.

This quote should be tattooed backwards on the forehead of each and every presstitute who yelled at Mitt about his "gaffes" at Poland's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, so they'll see it every day. After a few years, they just might learn something...
But what exactly accounts for prosperity if not culture? In the case of the United States, it is a particular kind of culture that has made us the greatest economic power in the history of the earth. Many significant features come to mind: our work ethic, our appreciation for education, our willingness to take risks, our commitment to honor and oath, our family orientation, our devotion to a purpose greater than ourselves, our patriotism. But one feature of our culture that propels the American economy stands out above all others: freedom. The American economy is fueled by freedom. Free people and their free enterprises are what drive our economic vitality.

There's another reason Mitt's words attracted the Ire of the Presstitutes (besides the truthfulness of them): It utterly destroys the modern socialist concept that all cultures are equal and equally good.

Is this the death of Multiculturalism? If it isn't, it sure should be. Maybe, with a gentle nudge, we can kill this distortion of reality that's used to silence dissent against the socialist agenda.

I find it rather strange that American culture could possibly be seen as equal to Palestinian culture. But Our Betters are constantly pushing this false idea daily in classrooms around the country, rendering any objective discussion about world cultures nearly impossible. How can anyone compare or contrast cultures without taking an honest look at them?

It's past time for us to question conventional "leftist thinking." The term itself is an oxymoron as there's very little in the way of thought inside the mind of a leftist. We have a right to free speech, which Political Correctness is so politely trying to deny us.

It's time to consider PC and Multiculturalism to be the fad it is, and discard it just as we did the polyester suits of the disco era.

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